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About .versicherung

.versicherung is a community Top-Level Domain (TLD) exclusively designed for members of the German speaking insurance industry. The TLD .versicherung is an established, especially secure and trustworthy namespace. Furthermore it supports consumer protection because only approved insurance brokers are allowed to use a .versicherung domain.

Increase the impact of your internet presence with the exclusive domain ending .versicherung

The domain ending .versicherung works just like .com, .de, .ch or .at – but it is reserved for the exclusive use of the insurance industry. Asidefrom  ww.your-company.com, domains likewww.your-company.versicherung are now available to you as well. This will enable your company to stand out clearly from the crowd.

Who can register .versicherung domains?

The .versicherung TLD is a so-called "community based" top-level domain. Domain names may only be registered under the gTLD .versicherung by a limited group of registrants and are subject to special conditions as is their use.

Eligible registrants to register a second-level name in .versicherung TLD are based in the countries of Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland and are in detail:

  • Governments
  • Governmental organizations regulating the insurance industry
  • Organizations and individuals (sole proprietors) that are recognized and registered members
    of the insurance industry community:
    • Primary insurers, reinsurers and social insurers with an authorization within the legal
      frameworks for the insurance industry in the respective countries.
    • Insurance agents and insurance intermediaries with an authorization within the legal
      framework for the insurance industry in the respective countries
    • At an official public register registered associations, educational institutions and service
      providers of the insurance industry

On request of the registry, a .versicherung domain name registrant has to proof its relationship to the insurance industry as defined in the .versicherung registration policy. The validation or re-validation of a registrant will happen in the following cases:

  • New registration of a .versicherung domain name
  • Changes of the owner data (e.g. owner change) of a domain name
  • At least once a year even if nothing has changed in the owner data

Detailed information about .versicherung can be found in our policy documents. All .versicherung policies are in German.

Contact us

If you have questions about .versicherung or how to register a .versicherung domain, please feel free to contact us. Our customer support team is available Monday to Friday 8:00 - 18:00 (MEZ):

By e-mail: service@nic.versicherung

By telephone: +43 662 46 69 -731

Data Protection & Privacy Policy

tldbox is your registry for .versicherung-domains. We are processing your personal data with diligence according to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). We strive for communicating our processing activities in a transparent and intelligible form: Primarily personal data is processed as far as necessary for the performance of the contract. Where processing is to be carried out by a processor, it is governed by a contract, which ensures compliance with the GDPR. Therefore data of domain-holders will not be published in the WHOIS database. Furthermore there will not be any disclosure by transmission of personal data to a third party without proof of outweighing legitimate or public interests. Personal data shall not be used for advertising purposes of third parties. You receive our newsletter based on your consent, which can be withdrawn any time. Further information on data protection, your rights and our privacy policy can be found on: www.nic.versicherung/datenschutz.